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Guahan Financing Corporation is attaining the financial needs through businesses men. Fastest, convenient, detailed, efficient and accessible service that we can give to individuals and It’s rapid growth in the market industry, attaining the highest and well productivity in its service and efficiency. It envisions as one of the competitive and a significant financing industry in the Philippines through ages.


GUAHAN FINANCING CORPORATION was established in March 1, 2012. By married couple, Mr. Romeo Danan and Mrs. Normita Danan who are permanently based in Guam. They entrusted the overall operation of the company to their nephew Edwin Mallari which is the General Manager. Mr. Mallari, together, working with the help of others went around Angeles City and San Fernando Pampanga;                  to scout and research at financing companies and pretended clients or agent to gain idea about the nature and offered services of the said business such as Business Loan, Doctor’s Loan, Car Loan, Collateral Loan, and Micro-Business Loan (Individual and Groupings), they also found people who helped establish the company at the same time. 

They also had a hard time registering the company name that time, because they gave several company names but were not accepted by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) until it was decided to give the old name of Guam which is GUAHAN. With the trust they gave to him Guahan Financing Corporation was finally established. However, there were some employees who took advantage on the management of the company, abused the authority given to them by the management; they’ve done unethical things such as releasing large amounts of loan despite being unqualified and being allowed to mature and become past due without taking any actions. Because of that, Guahan Financing Corporation has struggled, until a comptroller was hired which is Mr. Jayve Vino, who reconstructed all records, set up balances and prepared reports that detailed irregularities. While Mr. Moises Buan (Vicse President for Operation) installed all the policies in the Operations Department to continuously develop the good practices of the processes through the approval of the Board of Directors. With its outstanding products and services, competent workforce and growing market niche, Guahan Financing corporation is poised to become in 3 to 10 years, as a top finance company in the Philippines.